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In today’s fast-paced digital world, gaining a competitive edge demands expert insights and strategic execution.

That’s where ‘The SEO Chap’, your expert SEO consultant with over 17 years of experience, steps in to redefine the game for your business. His approach to SEO is anything but generic. Steve believes in tailored solutions, understanding that each business has unique needs and goals. His vast knowledge and first-hand experience enable him to identify your website’s gaps and potentials, leading the way to optimisation and increased visibility on search engine result pages.

Partnering with Steve as an expert seo consultant, translates into a strategy that embraces the full spectrum of search engine optimisation. He isn’t just focused on getting your website to rank higher on search engines, but he’s committed to ensuring your online presence is impactful and resonates with your target audience. His commercial experience and custom SEO solutions are designed to reflect your brand’s identity while aligning and rolling with the latest SEO trends and algorithms.

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Looking to make a fast start, or get back on track with a specialist expert SEO consultant for your website? Engage with The SEO Chap, Steve O’Brien for qualified, business led premium SEO advice. Reach out to Steve today.

Trust Steve as your expert seo consultant and his personal optimisation team to elevate your online presence with premium and comprehensive search optimisation solutions. Our commitment to excellence and our result-driven approach makes ‘The SEO Chap’ your perfect partner to propel business to new digital heights.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

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Bespoke SEO Audits

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, a well-optimised website is no longer a luxury but a necessity. At the heart of optimising your website lies an effective SEO audit, a critical process that uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of your site’s current SEO strategy.

Our SEO Audit Service provides a detailed examination of your website’s on-page and off-page performance. Steve brings to the table years of expertise, ensuring a thorough and informed audit that can uncover hidden opportunities and potential improvements.

The result of this audit? A clear, actionable roadmap to elevate your website’s search engine rankings, boost organic traffic, and improve overall user experience. We focus on delivering insights that allow for strategic improvements, leading to tangible growth in your online presence and business performance. Trust our SEO Audit Service to give you the understanding and tools necessary to outperform the competition and maximize your digital potential. Learn more about SEO audit services.

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SEO Content that Ranks

Content is still king, especially on this AI-driven new world! HAnd written SEO-optimised content is a jewel in our crown. SEO content is one key ingredient, we offer meticulously crafted web content, blogs, and articles designed to perform exceptionally well on search engine rankings and support overall growth.

Each piece of content we produce is a perfect blend of engaging narratives and strategic keyword incorporation. We don’t just fill pages with keywords; we ensure that they’re seamlessly woven into high-quality, relevant, and informative content that resonates with your audience. Steve’s team of content creators and SEO specialists work together to align your content with your brand’s voice, mission, and target market.

Whether it’s crafting impactful website content or insightful blog posts and articles, our aim is to create content that attracts, engages, and converts your audience, boosting your organic traffic and overall online visibility. Trust us to transform your content into a powerful SEO tool, driving your digital success.

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Digital PR for Premium Backlinks

Digital PR is a powerful tool that significantly enhances any SEO strategy. By cultivating strong relationships with online journalists and media companies, we can help your business gain high-quality PR backlinks from the world’s most premium news sites, essential components to improving your website’s search engine ranking.

Our expert team works tirelessly to position your brand on the digital PR forefront, creating compelling stories and engaging content that captures the attention of your audience, providing key social proof and guaranteed backlinks. We aim to secure valuable features in prominent digital publications, boosting your online reputation and visibility.

Our Digital PR strategies are not the traditional public relations methods. We incorporate SEO best practices, ensuring your brand is recognised, respected, and ranked. Through campaigns, we amplify your brand’s voice and create meaningful links that drive proof and discovery. With our guaranteed Digital PR linking services, your SEO strategy becomes a compelling narrative that commands attention.

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Expert SEO Consultant

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Choosing to work with an SEO consultant rather than an agency brings several distinct advantages, and at the heart of these is the personalised, accountable and direct service you receive.

When you engage an expert SEO consultant like Steve O’Brien, with his impressive nearly 20 year SEO track record, you’re hiring an individual expert who devotes their attention to your business. Unlike an agency where you may be passed to different account managers, often with varying levels of expertise, working with a consultant ensures consistent service from a seasoned professional and his supporting team.

One of the standout advantages of partnering with an SEO consultant is the assurance that you will always deal directly with Steve. There’s no intermediary, no junior account manager, just Steve. This provides a continuity of service and a depth of understanding about your business and its unique needs that’s difficult to match.
Additionally, Steve’s approach guarantees a level of flexibility and adaptability often lacking in larger agency structures. He can quickly respond to changes in SEO trends or your business needs, ensuring your business stays at the forefront of SEO strategies. He offers a level of commerciality from years in the corporate world and running his own businesses, this expertise will give your firm the edge in a competitive digital landscape.

Regular & Routine SEO Reporting

Routine Seo

In the world of SEO, consistent tracking and reporting are essential for understanding the effectiveness of your strategies and making data-driven decisions. With our regular SEO reporting, harnessing the latest premium specialist software provides clarity, insights, and direction for your SEO initiatives.
Our SEO reports are both top line and meticulously detailed to suit you, providing a comprehensive overview of your website’s performance. We evaluate several key parameters, including organic traffic, keyword rankings, backlink profiles, and conversion rates. These metrics help to reveal the areas of your strategy that are working well and those that may need refining.

One of the strengths of our regular reporting is its frequency. Steve believes in the power of real-time data and, therefore, provides updates on a regular basis. This enables your business to respond swiftly to changes in search engine algorithms or shifts in market trends.

Transparency is a cornerstone of our services. We don’t just deliver data; we ensure that you understand it. Steve is always available to review the reports with you, answer your questions, and discuss strategies for future growth.

Our regular SEO reporting aims to empower your business with the insights you need to continually enhance your digital performance and achieve your online objectives.

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